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October 17, 2021











October 9, 2021

Join us in reading a new book every month!

Ranging from non-fiction to poetry, each book will be written by an Indigenous author. We are inviting all of you to read alongside us.

THIS MONTH’S READ: 21 Things you May Not Know About the Indian Act, by Bob Joseph.

We will be reading the first seven acts outlined in the book this week!

September 20, 2021

From now until September 30th, we will be selling orange shirts for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation! Each shirt will be $10.00, and all proceeds will go to Resilience Montreal. The shirts can be purchased through the link below, and we will also post it on our linktree. Shirts will be available for pick-up in room 664 of the Hall building (1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.), and an email will be sent when the order is ready. Lastly, if you want to learn more about National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (also known as Orange Shirt Day), we have added extra educational resources to our linktree.

Shirt Sale:


September 7, 2021

Today officially marks the beginning of a new semester, and we are incredibly humbled to launch our campaign for the year. While many causes occupy valuable space in all of our hearts, we have decided to channel our time and efforts into celebrating and uplifting local indigenous voices. Thus, throughout our mandate, we will be streamlining our volunteer work and fundraising events towards indigenous reconciliation, and more specifically, to @ResilienceMontreal. Resilience Montreal is a non-profit day shelter that offers food, clothes, services and support to those in need. It is also a place of great refuge for indigenous citizens experiencing homelessness. Throughout the semester, we will be sharing volunteer opportunities at Resilience for any students that wish to get involved in a hands-on way, so feel free to turn on your notifications for our page alerts, and send any questions you may have our way!





"Membership in the Garnet Key Society is the highest honour which may be bestowed upon an undergraduate."

-Henry F. Hall, principal at Sir George Williams College (1957-1962)

The Garnet Key is a voluntary group that is sponsored by the President of the University and serves as one of the key elements in promoting a positive image of Concordia University. Garnet Key is more than a society. It is a representative group of Concordia students who hold high academic standing and who are involved in activities both within and outside the university. 

The Garnet Key Society is not only for those who have a high academic standing; each member must fulfill their role by demonstrating remarkable social skills, etiquette skills, and a devout commitment to serve Concordia and its community. Each year, 12 handpicked students are chosen to be ambassadors of Concordia, to represent and promote a positive image at social gatherings, galas, official dinners, and many other important events, often in the social circles of Concordia’s administration, prominent speakers, and highly special guests.

The Garnet Key Society was founded in 1957 at Sir George Williams College, with the goal of giving back to the community. Each year, only 12 students are nominated by the previous cohort to continue the Society’s mission. Today, the Society has an active group of over 400 Concordia Alumni Garnet Key members, many of whom remain influential members of the community both locally and internationally. 


Membership into the Society is considered among the highest honours at the university. During each one-year mandate, Keys function as ambassadors, representing and promoting a positive image of the university at many events. During any official university dinner, gala event, or award ceremony, the Garnet Key Society is present. Members of the Society benefit from unique networking opportunities that allow them to meet various influential alumni and members of various boards at Concordia. 


Garnet Key October food drive.png


For the rest of this month, we are organizing a food drive for Resilience Montreal! On October 19th, from 1:30-4pm, we will be stationed at Concordia’s 4th Space to collect non-perishable donations. We will also collect door to door donations from Montreal residents on October 24th, from 11am-5pm. All volunteers are welcome! If you are interested in joining, send us a message!